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Let us provide the technology solutions your business needs at a cost you can afford.

In today's economy, many non-profit and small businesses have downsized and find it difficult, if not impossible, to support the cost of highly skilled support staff. While this may help the bottom line, an organization's workload rarely decreases in spite of making adjustments. Your current staff may struggle with many technology-related tasks, resulting in inefficiencies and sub-standard products. The employees who do have the necessary technology skills may find themselves overwhelmed and burned out. Even organizations who are fully staffed find that they occasionally need help producing a special project with requirements beyond their expertise or available time. Intech Resources, LLC can help.

Paying for expertise on an as-needed basis makes good economic sense.

You only pay for what you need when you need it. We provide highly skilled support with extensive non-profit and small business experience. We get up to speed quickly, get the job done right, and may even show you some valuable shortcuts! Make your grant applications and special reports stand out! Streamline workflow with fillable forms. Use a professionally designed PowerPoint presentation at your next meeting! Create or update your website!

Customized, streamlined information systems help your staff do more work in less time.

We specialize in developing systems for your business intelligence and reporting needs, utilizing your existing software or new freeware to build custom solutions that make your work faster, easier and more efficient. Even if your organization is fortunate enough to be fully staffed, you can free up valuable time spent on tedious routine tasks and let your employees get on with doing the creative and skilled work that helps your organization grow and thrive.